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Revenue Cycle Management:
To ensure a healthy cycle of your claims process, our turnaround time for claim submission is 48 hours from date of receipt. The aim is to keep up with all the pay runs from the funders to ensure faster payments.

Services include:
Charge Entry – Capturing of Patient Information – Membership Validations – Authorization Validation - EDI and Paper Submission – Fixing of rejected claims – Negotiations with creditors and debtors – Payment reconciliations – Statement preparation and Mailing –Payment collections – Appeal for short-payments - Coding Review and Advice - Transaction Reports and - Financial Reports.

All payments go directly into client account.

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Hospital Projects

Rejected Claim Investigations

  • Hospitals process large numbers of claims daily. It is a fact that they are well equipped with the know how to effectively manage themselves. However, things do go otherwise and this can be due to a lack of adequate personnel, skills set and experience in new roles.
  • These challenges do hit directly on targeted performance and can cause a decline in expected revenue.
  • It is in these situations that hospitals should contact PracticeAdmin; to assist effectively with recoveries of such claims.
  • Our company has a collective team of experienced case managers and claim specialists to handle the project of investigations for a period of 6 - 12 months or longer.
  • To date, our success rate in claims investigations is sitting at 100%.
  • We are fully compliant with POPI Act and therefore seek to obtain permission in everything we do.
  • From experience, we say: BAD can turn to GOOD.

Contact us if you are a Patient Administration Manager, Hospital Manager, Finance Manager, Director or CEO in the health sector.


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