Our Packages

We understand that while other doctors value peace of mind, others feel they have small accounts that they can handle themselves and manage in-house. For these reasons, we have designed packages that suit both clients.


A billing service that allow medical practitioners to submit claims their own claims to the medical aids.
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A super billing service offered by our clinical specialists to provide end-to-end administration of your claims to ensure higher performance and compliance with the trend for your Practice.
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We Guarantee

  • 80% claim approvals at first submission
  • Complete claim resolution of the 20% within 30 days.
  • Leaving you with 100% income of what is due to you.
  • High increase in collection of outstanding amounts.
  • Significant reduction in bad debt.
  • Minimum rejections.
  • Protection of Personal Information - Data security.
  • Compliance with laws and amendments at all times.
  • Individualized service.
  • Openness and Fairness.
  • Ever present support and advice for your queries.
A successful medical practice can flourish only when it is doing well financially.


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