Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why should I outsource my medical billing to PracticeAdmin?
    • We keep abreast with the latest industry knowledge to enhance our work. Attend webinars, yearly refresher courses to remain answerable for our work and to impress you with results.
    • Our claim resolution skills are sitting at 100% and have not dropped to date.
    • We are not shy to advise our clients on the right things to do.
  2. Which billing system do you use?
    • We use a billing software called Elixir Live, the top billing software of the three med-e-mass products.
  3. How can you save me money?
    • Save 30% to 40% on your operational costs.
    • Big savings on Billing Software and excess claims.
    • Save on salary payments and labour related matters.
    • Save on billing errors – When it comes to billing, you either know it or you don’t.
    • Save Time - Time is money for you and for us.
  4. Are you medical aid compliant?
    • Yes – PracticeAdmin is 100% compliant with medical schemes act and protocols for treatment.
    • Furthermore, we take directive from SAMA guidelines and other professional bodies that guide the functions of our doctors.
  5. Do you have experience in my speciality?
    • Our certified billing specialists can effectively work with majority of health disciplines, which include but are not limited to medicine, surgery and clinical technology.
    • Our client page will provide you details on the different medical disciplines we serve.
  6. When can I expect payment when using your services?
    • As often as once or twice a week. Every day we process claims, so the sooner you update us of your work, the sooner we are able to submit and await payment.
  7. How do I submit my claims to you?
    • Doctor completes charge sheets for services rendered including procedures done and submit to us via email, fax, or WhatsApp.
    • Other than that, we do physical collection of claims from practices once or twice a week.
  8. What kind of information do you need from my practice to my process claims?
    • We need charge sheets, patient information sheets and daily or weekly updates.
    • We also need access to medical records to validate certain information and maintain quality billing at all times.
  9. How do I join your billing company?
    • Call or email us. Let us set up a meeting for details.
    • If you are serious about us, bring with you the BHF letter, ID Copy, Business Address, Banking Details, Marriage certificate if your surname differs from your BHF letter so, we can start implementing our discussion.
    • Unfortunately, we do not send out our material electronically for telephone queries, we are happy to advise telephonically though.
  10. Can I access the system myself if want to?
    • Yes, our system allows you make clinical notes, prescribe, make clinical reports, capture, look-up information. We will install the system for you to use free of charge.
    • We remain obliged to update you as often as you want regarding data processed and monthly reports.
  11. How do I handle patient account queries at my practice?
    • You refer them to us. Patients can either phone or emails us for outstanding accounts or any queries.
  12. Members of medical aids often do not want to accept liability for outstanding accounts, how to you handle that?
    • It is true that members will say that they have a medical aid to settle their bills, so why pay the doctor. - Without understanding the full structure of their benefits and plan types.
    • 1st - As indicated previously, we charge medical aid rates, which is the first thing we do right.
    • 2nd - We try as much as possible to fix rejections by negotiating with funders.
    • 3rd - A lot of the times, if member is liable, it is because we have exhausted all possible options to save them costs.
    • We follow set criteria and confirm before pursuing members for payments.
  13. Are you a legal collection agency, like debt collectors?
    • No, we are not debt collectors. Nonetheless, it is our contractual duty to pursue unpaid claims with liable members. For that we use all forms of communication, including a letter of demand.
  14. How do you communicate to members outstanding accounts?
    • We send statements indicating short-payments and outstanding balances via SMS, emails, and follow up phone calls.
    • A lot of the time, members respond well. If it all fails, then we have prepared the matter for you in such a way that it is ready for legal action after sixty days of persuasion.
    • You use your discretion considering the value of the claim to say whether you want to pursue it legally or not?
  15. Do you make payment arrangements for outstanding accounts?
    • Yes, we do. Some patients make use of gap covers to settle outstanding accounts. Some simply cannot afford to settle the balance all at once, so we put them on a payment plan for a period of three months. Our credit controllers monitor the process to ensure arranged payments.
  16. Can you provide me with references or testimonials for your work?
    • Sure! Our managers can give reference as soon as it is appropriate to do so. We have a good service track record to patients, doctors and hospitals.
  17. How do I know if you are the right company?
    • Good question. Truth is you won’t know unless you try, which is why we don’t rush to enter into contracts. We believe in working hard to earn your business. It is a process we are willing to follow because we want to grow.


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