Medical Billing and Coding Tips

In case you were wondering how to submit a claim – we have put up some steps to follow if you are a first timer.

  • Check patient info and guarantor details as soon as patient arrives.
  • Collect supporting documents.
  • Verify information provided.
  • Know your codes, and confirm them by referring to coding books.
  • Review medical documentation for correct application of codes.
  • Select correct treatment dates.
  • Theatre procedures - mention start & end time.
  • Indicate place of treatment so claim can pay from the correct benefits.
  • Indicate authorization number in your claim.
  • Indicate referring doctor/surgeon for in-hospital treatment.
  • Mind the sequence of your coding, as claim can easily reject.
  • Follow up your claims and query payments.
  • Monitor remittance advices to trace payment and reconcile.
  • If you do not understand, phone your debtors and ask.
  • Again, if you do not understand anything, phone your doctors and ask.
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